This weblog was created to accompany and complement a scientific session (no. 371) on “Communicating Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in a Post-Factual Age” at the 2018 annual conference “Reflecting Futures” of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) taking place in Barcelona,  05 – 08 September.

The session is organised by Jens Notroff (DAI Berlin), Oliver Dietrich (DAI Berlin), and Matthew G. Knight (University of Exeter) and aims to present and discuss several approaches to science communication in archaeology cultural heritage studies – in particular with a view to post-factual narratives and the exploitation of archaeological data and heritage sites in pseudoscientific ideas and theories.

Presentations will be collected here together with further ressources and material, hoping to make topic and session accessible (social media included) beyond the physical participants to generate a broader frame for the discussion.

Please feel free to contact session organisers for further information and questions.