Paper presentations

Communicating Archaeology and Cultural Heritage: Introdcutory Remarks
(Jens Notroff, Oliver Dietrich, Matthew G. Knight)

Facts, Archaelogy, and Labour: It’s Not Just Our Dirt Buckets That Are Heavy
(Hanna Pageau)

Re-appropriating a communicative space: ArchaeologistsEngage as a strategy for exchange
(Tine Schenck, Linn Marie Krogsrud)

The Neolithic revolution as negative heritage: appraising a trend in modern popular science writing
(Jana Anvari, Eva Rosenstock)

(Hi)storytelling: Factuality and Archaeological Writing on the Near East
(Kathrin Schmitt)

Making Digital Archaeology in the Faro age. Technologies, languages and creativity in the cocreation of digital content for cultural heritage
(Giuliano De Felice, Gianluca Mastrocinque)

Digital outreach at the Roman site of Poggio del Molino and at the Museo etrusco di Populonia (Livorno, Italy)
(Carlo Baione)

Hadrianus® – Hadrian as a Trademark
(Zsanett Abonyi, Zoltán Havas)


Poster Presentations

The Other Kind of Fieldwork. Archaeological Edutainment, Popularisation and Reenactment Activities of the Society of Archaeology Students
(Magdalena Kozicka, Ewa Wielocha)

Working for and with the public as part of archaeology of the site of Vinča Serbia
(Kristina Penezic, Dragana Filipović, Milorad Ignjatović, Nenad Tasić)